Camp NNDT! offers opportunities to connect FAMILIES with Nature. Built with the same values and mission as Never Not Doing Things, Camp NNDT! is focused on curating only the best, "family-friendliest" and safest experiences that you can enjoy as a family and with other families. Camp NNDT! provides private groups (so "word of mouth" is especially important) and events that are both inclusive for families and exclusive to ONLY those with children*

We want you to feel safe sharing your thirst for Environmental knowledge and concern with the children in your life, so we will do everything we can to make you feel safe.

*some events are fully inclusive and some events are exclusive to families with children. Please keep an eye on the event details. If there is a particular required or recommended age to participate, we will note it on an event-by-event basis.

Camp NNDT!

Where Family Meets Nature

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