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The GABBY project is an attempt to leverage our sub communities, pool our collective resources and principles and is inspired by #VanLife Adventurer Gabrielle Petito, who went missing after not returning home with her boyfriend from a multi-month boondocking trip (as well as ALL of the other missing/lost adventurers to date).

No matter your "adventure of choice", there are plenty of hazards out there...from inclement environment/weather to human and animal predators to plain inexperience and more.

It feels like every day we are sharing another "missing/lost" story from the trail (or wherever).

The goal of the GABBY project is to focus on facts, the infinite reach of social media and the gift of GAB to help Get Adventurers Back home.

There are thousands of us out there, keep your eyes peeled, cameras on, and if you see something, say something.

Thank You For Being Here...