Gut Feeling (or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bug)

Updated: Jan 16

The Benefits of (good) Bacteria in the Body and how to get there in style.

I think we can agree that not all bugs are bad. For every creepy crawly that seemingly contributes nothing to the world but dead plants or itchy skin, there is a bee that aids in cross pollination or a ladybug that protects your garden.

Well, the same could be said about bacteria and its effects on the human body. For every creepy crawly that seemingly contributes nothing but promotion of disease and disfunction, there are the good bacteria that help promote healthy digestion and a happy gut.

A bit about me

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I am not a doctor or a medical professional by any definition. What I am is a man who has lived with Crohn's Disease for the better part of two decades and have found practices and patterns that work for me. None of what you read here is medical opinion, in fact, I will be trying to steer clear of the science, altogether.

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Get Inspired

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